FINA Stoneworks offers a composite materials architectural cladding system made from natural stone, porcelain, and quartz that are all available in a wide range of finishes. Our natural stone panel systems are used for the cladding of exterior and interior walls, column covers, elevator cabs, storefronts, and more. FINA is proud to be one of just a few companies that manufacture interior stone panels and exterior stone panels in the United States. The production of our responsibly sourced raw materials is carried out by expert artisans in our Massachusetts manufacturing facility. As a domestic supplier of easy-to-install natural stone panels, FINA offers clients convenient access to our team members, reduced lead-times, cost effective solutions, and – in some cases – our materials qualify for LEED credits on construction projects.

Finally, a panel system manufactured right here in the USA with the designer in mind. Ultimate control, with thousands of face materials to choose from. You may select from your own trusted supplier or representative of natural stone slabs, large format porcelain or quartz slabs. We will even process customer-supplied material into FINA Panels. If you don’t have time to do the research, FINA has resources here and around the world and will help facilitate the process of finding the perfect material for your vision.

FINA Panels are engineered for use on building exteriors, interiors, elevator cabs, column covers, ceilings, storefronts, bathroom surrounds, and in custom applications like conference tables, cruise ships interiors, and many more. In some cases, FINA Panels may be attached to the existing substrate reducing or eliminating the need for demolition. Panels can be mechanically attached to a customer’s substrate for a safe and secure installation. FINA Stoneworks is the only manufacturer of these type of panels to offer such versatility in finishes and fabrication.

Made in the USA

FINA Stoneworks panels are manufactured right here in the USA. We responsibly source raw materials used in the making of our panels. Production is done on-site at our factory in Wilmington, Massachusetts. As a domestic supplier, we offer our clients ease of access to our team, reduced lead-times, cost savings, the promotion of job growth, and the materials we provide may qualify for LEED credits on your project.