Stone Panels

FINA stone panels are one of our most popular panels systems. The variety, character and recognition of natural stone makes it versatile and a go-to product for many designs. The benefits of using FINA stone panels does not stop with just the beauty of the stone facing. Our stone panels weigh only 3.5 pounds per square foot, about 80% lighter than 1” thick dimensional stone slabs. Panels have greater flexural strength and higher impact resistance than thick, heavy stone slabs. The reduced weight offers significant cost savings to the structural steel required for receiving thick, heavy slabs. If your building was designed to receive 2” thick slabs, it’s possible the cost savings could almost pay for the FINA Stone Panel System. Other benefits related to weight savings is the equipment needed for installation and the speed of installation is dramatically increased. Available in large sizes of 48”x96”, 60”x120” and up to 72”x124” are possible depending on the slab sizes available.


FINA’s proprietary attachment system was designed from an installer’s perspective. Field channels install quickly and are easily adjusted for plumpness. Vertical adjustments to panels are simple and require no tools. Field channels are shipped in lengths and installed to a customer’s substrate. Once panels have been fabricated, clips are installed to the back of each panel at the factory. FINA shop drawings include the dimensions for wall channel locations and the panel mark number for each panel to be installed. The back of each panel has a label with the mark number that coincides with the number shown on the shop drawings.