Quartz Panels

The new engineered quartz is created through a manufacturing process that mixes about 90 to 94 percent ground natural quartz with 6 to 10 percent polymer resins and pigments that are combined into a durable, nonporous slab. More durable and long-lasting than most granite, quartz is one of the hardest materials in the world. FINA Quartz Panels are processed in much the same way as FINA Stone Panels and offer the same benefits of weight saving, impact resistance, and flexural strength. Sizes range from 55”x120” to 63”x128” depending on the quartz manufacturer. FINA Quartz Panels are perfect for interior walls, elevator cab interiors, column covers, entryways, accent walls, lobbies and more. It is not recommended to use quartz for exterior applications because of the elements – when exposed, the resin in the quartz will break down over time. In addition, engineered stone around fireplace facings is not recommended. High heat from a gas or wood burning fireplace can compromise the integrity of the material and lead to failure.