Project Description

Client: Adena Corporation
Location: 700 Marion Ave, Mansfield, OH
Architect: The Seckel Group
Completed: August 2020

The Mansfield Art Center in Mansfield, Ohio was founded in 1945 as a nonprofit organization to host art exhibits and offer various art classes.

Based on the need to accommodate an ever-growing arts community, Mansfield Arts Center began construction on its Arts Rising project in May of 2020. The project included a 4,800-square-foot education wing, a pavilion for events and rentals, as well as renovations needed to the Marion Ave building.

FINA Stoneworks partnered with Adena Corporation and The Seckel Group to produce over 4,100 square feet of FINA lightweight, honeycomb-backed porcelain panels with Laminam Calce Tortora porcelain by Crossville, Inc. The design for this exterior project featured a rainscreen application, large ribbon windows, angled cuts along sloped grade, factory bonded returns at corners, sills and jambs.