FINA Stoneworks Welcomes Randy Conaway as its Business Development Manager

Randy Conaway Headshot

FINA Stoneworks, LLC is pleased to introduce Randy Conaway as our Business Development Manager. With an impressive 18-year career in the industry of lightweight natural stone, as well as in commercial construction, he is a great resource for architects and designers, building owners, contractors and installers.

Randy began his career in structural engineering while at VSL Corporation, a Swiss company and a global leader in engineering and construction of post- and pre-tension systems. Unique projects around the world included engineering and erecting of stay cable bridges, parking structures, nuclear cooling towers and seismic retrofitting.

In early 2000, Randy changed career paths and was hired by Stone Panels, a manufacturer of lightweight, natural stone panel systems. With a structural background, it was easy for him to recognize the benefits of using the lightweight stone panel system.

In 2010, Randy started a new career with Bellcomb Technology, one of the largest panel manufacturers in the world and a manufacturer of lightweight stone panels. After a long and successful career, Bellcomb’s owner retired and closed the business in 2015. Randy remained involved in the stone industry as a consultant and spent time setting up a manufacturing facility for producing aluminum honeycomb panels that are often used as a substrate in the manufacturing of lightweight stone panel.

Randy resides in Minneapolis MN, has a passion for natural stone, enjoys spending time with family and is an avid golfer and cyclist.

To get in touch with Randy, you can email him at or by phone at 651.560.2929.

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